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Dr Ambedkar College of Social Work, Wardha

Dr Ambedkar College of Social Work, Wardha

Dr Ambedkar College of Social Work, Wardha

Dr. Ambedkar College of Social Work a prestigious Social Work College, affiliated to Rashtra Sant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University, is one of the first colleges of Social Work in the district of Wardha. Inspired by the ideals of Mahatma Phule and Babasaheb Ambedkar, the college was established as Buddhist educational institution in August 1993 by the Subhedar Ramji Ambedkar Educational Society which in turn was founded by honorable Dinesh Baliram Sawai, a frontline leader of Dalit and Buddhist movement, a prominent Ambedkarite and an educationalist.

Subhedar Ramji Ambedkar Education Society is one of the most reputed and well known educational societies in Vidarbha region which has spread over its work in Wardha, Deoli, Hinganghat towns of Wardha and Yeotmal districts. Under the visionary leadership of honorable Dinesh Baliram Sawai, the Founder President of Subhedar Ramji Ambedkar Education Society, the society realizes the importance of education and also that traditional and formal education courses will not bring about constructive social and economical changes. The availability of professional education and training courses is must.

This vision was realized with the foundation of Dr. Ambedkar College of Social Work in Wardha. As the college provides professional social work education through imparting 3 year Bachelors in Social Work (BSW) and 2 year Masters in Social work (MSW) programs, it has specialized salient features and objectives to provide opportunities to the students of Social Work to all the classes and categories. These are as follows:

– To make self reliable, self dependent and enlighten competent youth who will be ready to accept social civic responsibilities,

– To promote social equality through overall personality development and professional opportunities,

– To prepare trained professional social worker who have clear understanding of social system and its issues, challenges and problems so that they are able to bring about desired changes,

– To create social sensitivity and sense of responsibility by providing value based atmosphere by networking with various committed organizations and institutions.

Situated in Sawangi Mege (Wardha grampanchayat) on Wardha – Yeotmal road, Dr Ambedkar College of Social Work due to its rigorous academic environment, competent faculty and high moral vision has benefited thousands of students since its inception by imparting them training and education in the sphere of social work and provided them an opportunity to not only better their careers but also contribute to the benefit of the larger society.

The college, true to its focus on imparting education among those who had no earlier access, has provided much needed space especially for the students from the rural agricultural background. Among its students the large numbers come from the first generation literate and poor families. The majority of these students are young women from SC/ST/NT/DNT/OBC background which makes it a very unique educational institution in the region of Vidarbha.

The college is based in a large premise with huge infrastructure and all round facilities for the students along with highly qualified staff with doctoral degrees. The competence of our faculty has been the most honored asset of this college. There are number of department basically set up for the overall development of students. Bridge courses, media department, carrier guidance and counseling centre are main attraction of the college.

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The students have also provided tremendous response to the opportunities provided by the college and many have achieved high academic excellence under the guidance of its faculty. This is proved by achieving high distinctions in the annual exams held at University level where the students of our college have continuously found place in Nagpur University Merit List.

Year University Rank Name
1994-95 1st (CSW) Vivek Chahande
1998-99 9th (MSW) Dipak Ate
2002-03 Ist (CSW) Vaishali Oza
2003-04 IIIrd (MSW) Amit Shimpi
2004-05 Vth (BSW) Namrata Pasadkar
2007-08 IIIrd (MSW) Rajesh Thool
2009-10 VIIIth (MSW) Vaishali Karamore
2010 – 11 1st (BSW) Minakshi Budhe
2010-11 IXth (BSW) Sharda Kharde
2012-13 1st (MSW) Minakshi Budhe
2012-13 Vth (MSW) Krunal Bansod
2012-13 VIth (MSW) Suhas Muhurle

Community based work

Being a College of Social work, it has kept community based approach since its inception. The college has undertaken development work in number of slums and villages. Siddharth Nagar, Shanti Nagar, Station Fail, Anand Nagar are some important examples of its success stories, where college has undertaken, with the support from the local community, development works like construction of houses, roads, removal of encroachment, plantation of trees, sanitation, drinking water facilities etc.

Siddharth Nagar, Wardha is the most appreciated work model of community based work of our college. The students under the guidance and supervision of our faculty have supported the construction of drainage, roads, Buddhist vihar etc for the benefit of local impoverished community. The students have also supported establishment of 10 shelf help groups (SHGs) for women and 02 for men apart from taking regular sessions on literacy, women empowerment, and health campaigns in the colony.

Apart from this, various health campaigns, educational programs, women empowerment activities such as formation of Self Help Group (both males and females) drug de-addiction center, child and women guidance centre etc are also being managed by the College in other parts too. The college has covered 18 villages, 04 slums till now under its development agenda for the society.

During 2011-12 and 2012-13 the National Service Scheme (NSS) and Social Work Department jointly organized Sickle Cell Testing campaign in different rural and semi-urban areas along with health check up programmes, dental camps and distribution of free medicines to poor. The campaign was supported by Sant Namdeo Baba voluntary organization, Civil Hospital Wardha, Sharad Pawar Dental College Wardha, Acharya Vinoba Bhave Rural Hospital and Ayurved College, Wardha.

Networking with government and non-governmental organizations

The college has been fortunate in having a very good support from different states organization. This could happen only because of hard working and social adherence of faculty of college. At present we have good relationship with

– Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai

– Insight foundation, Delhi

– Manusaki Foundation, Pune

– Manawya, Pune

– Sadhna Pune

– Sangath, Nagpur and Goa

– Yuva Rural, Nagpur

– Samyak Foundation, Pune

– Indian Institute of Youth welfare, Nagpur

– MAVIM, Wardha

– Centre for Sciences for Village, Wardha

– Bahuddeshiya Shiksha Kendra, Wardha

– Nav Chaitanya De-addiction Center, Nagpur

We also have excellent professional interaction and networking with LANCO, Wardha, Paper Mill industry, Ballarpur and Lloyds steel industries Wardha and have been involved in their projects, educational interaction, conference and visits that have been organized with highly valued support of each other.

Research and Consultancy:

To enlarge and expand research based work, the college has taken initiatives by establishing independent Social Work Research Cell in College. The Cell has been named as Dinesh Dada Sawai Social Research Foundation. During the period of last three years we have performed following research works:

– During the year 2011-12, the college undertook a research study of Wardha and Hinganghat Tehsil in regard to ‘Agricultural Crisis and Promotion to Value Added Process among Small Holdings and Marginal Farmers’.

– Assessment of Educational Mission runs by PRATHAM in Bhandara district.

– Child labour Survey in Wardha district

– Social audit of corporate social responsibility project of LANCO Industry, Wardha

Apart from these the college has submitted several research reports to various government departments on different social and health issues and also conducted a study on socio-economical and agricultural problems of landless labourers, rural and marginalized holding and middle farmers. This report has been presented before the Government of Maharashtra for the Convergence of Agricultural intervention in Maharashtra (CAIM project) sponsored and run by SRTT, IFAD and Govt. of Maharashtra.

Dr.Ambedkar College of Social Work, Wardha

Concurrent Field Work

Concurrent field work is sacrosanct to any course in social work. Students are placed in an agency appropriate to their learning requirements as part of concurrent field work. On average, each student is required to put in 15 hours of field in a week. In addition to the concurrent field work, observational visits to development agencies are organized for students, usually at the beginning of each academic session.

BSW – First Year (School Setting)

  1. Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar High school,Bhimnagar,Wardha
  2. Late Anandrao Meghe Jr.College, Borgaon (Meghe)
  3. Ajintha Vidhyalaya, Sindhi (Meghe)
  4. Model Highschool, Anandnagar, Wardha
  5. Shivaji Nagar Parishad School, Shivajipeth, Wardha
  6. Shivaji Hindi School,Shivnagar, Wardha
  7. Maharana Pratap Primary School, Wardha
  8. Lokmanya Tilak N.P.School, Thakre Market,Wardha
  9. Ramabai High school Sindi (Meghe), Wardha
  10. Jagjivanram High school, Sindhi(Meghe),Wardha
  11. Krishak Vidhyalaya, Wardha

BSW – Second Year

  1. ICDS Centre, Samta Nagar Sawangi(Meghe),Wardha
  2. ICDS Centre, Borgaon(Meghe), Wardha
  3. Mahatma Phule, Anganwadi, Ganeshnagar
  4. ICDS Centre, Siddharth Nagar
  5. Dept. of family & Child Development office
  6. Office of YCDC ,Wardha

BSW IIIrd Year

  1. Siddharth nagar Community, Borgaon(Meghe),Wardha
  2. Bahujan Nagar, Sindi (Meghe),Wardha
  3. Shantinagar Sindi (Meghe),Wardha
  4. Gram Panchayat, Pavnar
  5. Itwara Bazar Community, Wardha
  6. Station Fail,Wardha

Dr.Ambedkar College of Social Work,Wardha

MSW – (Ist & IInd Semester)

  1. Sharda Muk Badhir School, Nalwadi
  2. Observation Home, Wardha
  3. Certified School, Borgaon(Meghe),Wardha
  4. Government Samishra Apang Kendra,Wardha
  5. Navjeevan Hostel, Civil lines, Wardha
  6. Jagdamba Muk-Badhir School, Wardha
  7. Rajiv Gandhi Muk Badhir School, Pulgaon.
  8. Sai Muk Badhir Vidhyalaya, Hinganghat.
  9. RTM Andha Vidhyalaya, Wardha
  10. Carmel Matimand Vidhyalaya, Sawangi (Meghe).
  11. Ushakkal Balsadan, Nalwadi
  12. Dr.Ambedkar Hostel, Wardha
  13. Gajanan Mental Retardation School Karla Road,Wardha

MSW – (IIIrd & IVth Semester)


  1. Acharya Vinoba Bhave Rural Hospital Sawangi(Meghe),Wardha
  2. Sharad Pawar dental College,Sawangi
  3. Mahatma Gandhi Ayurvedic College,Salod
  4. Civil Hospital, Wardha
  5. Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences,Sewagram
  6. Kasturba Hospital Sewagram
  7. Dr.Guptas Mental Clinic, Wardha
  8. Vishram Society, Wardha
  9. Maharogi Sewa Samiti Anandwan, Warora
  10. Kushtadham, Dattapur.

Dr.Ambedkar College of Social Work,Wardha


  1. Siddharth Nagar Community, Borgaon.
  2. Chetana Vikas Sanstha, Wardha
  3. Centre of Science for Village , Dattapur
  4. All Panchayat Samitties.
  5. Zilla Parishad, Wardha.
  6. Nagar Parishad offices
  7. Jagriti Vyasan Mukti Centre, Deoli.
  8. Dhara Mitra Santha Wardha
  9. ASEFA, Dattapur
  10. Indira Nagar Slum Basti, Wardha
  11. Shanti Nagar Community, Sindi (Meghe)
  12. Maganwadi, Wardha
  13. Anandnagar Slum Area, Wardha


  1. Office of the Intigrated Child Development Service, Wardha
  2. Office District Child & Family Development, Wardha
  3. Sant Gadgebaba Shishugruh, Laxminagar, Wardha
  4. Mahila Takrar Nivaran & Counselling Cell S.P. Office Premises,Wardha
  5. Distgrict Jail :- Women Prison Cell, Wardha
  6. Observation Home,Wardha

Neighbourhood Partner

  1. Uttam Galva & Lloyds Steel Industries,Wardha
  2. Lanco (CSR Project),Wardha
  3. Anadvan, Worora,Dist-Chandrapur
  4. VISHRAM – Wardha
  5. MITCON – Wardha
  6. Mental Hospital,Nagpur
  7. Central Jail, Nagpur
  8. Vysan Mukti Kendra, Nagpur

Dr.Ambedkar College of Social Work,Wardha Rural Camps

Rural Campus :- Rural Camps are an integral part of Field Practium of BSW II and MSW Sem.II. The Institute organizes one combined rural camp every year, attendance in which is mandatory for these classes. Besides helping the students to understand the rural social systems and the nature of governmental and non-governmental interventions in relation to poverty groups, such camps help them in acquiring skills in group living, and improving skills in planning and organizing socially relevant events. The students also undertakes activities that are beneficial to rural people during village camps. The village where such recidential camps have been held till date are as follows. :

SrNo. Year Village
1 2013-14 Sonegaon (Abaji)
2 2012-13 Sirasgaon(Dhandhye)
3 2011-12 Kshirsamudrapur
4 2010-11 Kasarkheda
5 2009-10 Kasarkheda
6 2008-09 Kharangna (Gode)
7 2007-08 Malkapur (Bodad)
8 2006-07 Tigaon (Amla)
9 2005-06 Borgaon (Sawli)
10 2004-05 Dhamangaon (Wadhala)
11 2003-04 Seloo (Borgaon Aloda)
12 2002-03 Barbadi
13 2001-02 Sonegaon (Rly)
14 2000-01 Padegaon
15 1999-2000 Khairi Kamthi
16 1998-99 Kachnoor
17 1997-98 Jaipur
18 1996-97 Kanhapur
19 1995-96 Waghala / Gondapur
20 1994-95 Gondapur / Waghala
21 1993-94 Jamni